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Collaborative, smooth and fully managed; OpenRad’s zero-footprint reporting solution, powered by Biotronics3D, increases efficiency, improves patient experience, and reduces costs by enabling seamless utilisation of both—in-house and external reporting resources—whilst leveraging the economies of scale, rapid deployment, and security protection afforded by the cloud.

Our solution integrates patient and referrer portals with a diagnostic viewer including 3D–native functionality. Our client includes advanced visualisation applications together with workflow and reporting as well as a dedicated teleradiology module which supports sub-specialty reporting, resource load balancing, and an enterprise worklist. It can be accessed on any device via a standard web browser, and because it is a thin-client, only pixels are steamed and no data is transferred. This means it is totally secure and incredibly fast. It’s the technology that radiologists love!

Connectivity and shared workflow management—any image anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Our connectivity solutions, powered by the OpenRad Cube (by Visbion), provide flexible end-to-end imaging workflow management—capable of managing data transfers and routing of workflow and images from and between imaging centres, clinics, multi-site hospitals and teleradiology companies.

Our mobile and static modality fleet management solutions, powered by the OpenRad Cube, simplify and automate the process of modality integration, provide image data tranfers via 4G and enable remote connectivity to support and monitor modality, environment and consumables. This maximises the availability and so the utilisation of expensive modality equipment and staff.

OpenRad has a proven track record of delivering innovative medical imaging solutions to healthcare—with more than 350 live sites across Europe, more than 55,000 users of our technology processing more than 5 millions of examinations per year.

The OpenRad team is waiting to help you and your organisation succeed.

We connect people and resources, ensuring faster access to diagnostics. Everyone along the care pathway benefits, and together, we will make a real difference for our communities.

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