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Engaging Radiology Topics: Our 4 February Picks

Let’s look into some of the trends in radiology that had been forecasted for 2023: Artificial intelligence (AI) in radiology, radiologist burnout, cloud-enabled solutions and the shifting role of radiologists in patient care—all hot topics being discussed in February!


📖 Author: Sandra Dietrich | OpenRad team


Artificial intelligence in radiology

AI is playing an increasing role in radiology, mainly when it comes to improving efficiencies with non-interpretative tasks and, thus, reducing time-consuming elements of radiology workflows. We came across an interesting video interview where Sonia Gupta, board member of the American Board of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, discusses a number of ongoing AI developments in radiology. The video is part of an article published by Diagnostic Imaging.

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Radiologists to play more active role in patient care

Not only is AI impacting the medical imaging and diagnostics industry, but also the role of the radiologist is shifting from being a diagnostic modality operator to playing a more active role in patient care. Read about it and other 2023 hot topics in Arab Health‘s article on top medical imaging and diagnostics trends.

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Burnout of radiology professionals

With an increase in patient volume, burnout of radiologists and staff shortages are topics that need special attention in 2023. In addition to these, author Melinda Taschetta-Millane outlines the following trends in her article for Imaging Technology News:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Changes in PACS
  • Patient empowerment
  • Pushing MRI imaging boundaries
  • Efficiency & ergonomics
  • The power of AI

Check out what still lies ahead in radiology in 2023.

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Cloud-enabled solutions

According to Vizient Newsroom, the top radiology themes to watch this year are AI, cloud-enabled solutions and health equity.

AI solutions are not only becoming more accessible and easier to manage, but they will also play an important role to overcome and manage workforce shortages, to handle increased patient loads and to reduce radiologist burnout.

Also, the acceptance of cloud-enabled systems is increasing as more and more healthcare providers are looking into off-premises solutions to take full advantage of the benefits of remote working.

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