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Radiology Trends to Watch: Our 4 January Picks

Welcome to the world of radiology trends in 2023, where artificial intelligence and machine learning in medical imaging, teleradiology and remote interpretation of medical images as well as cloud-based medical imaging systems are on the rise. It’s no secret that AI has the potential—and is already being used—to revolutionise radiology, for instance when it comes to improving image analysis and diagnostic accuracy. But what about other radiology trends? What are experts and the media currently talking about? Let’s explore radiology trends that are expected to have an impact in 2023.


📖 Author: Sandra Dietrich | OpenRad team


Radiology Trends According to RSNA

First up is a publication by the Radiological Society of North America that introduces eight trends in radiology technology to watch in 2023. These include:

  • AI adoption to help augment techs & radiologists
  • Web-based enterprise imaging systems to replace traditional PACS
  • Cloud storage being the future for storing images & patient data
  • 3D mammography to replace standard digital mammo
  • Photon-counting CT

The trend observations are based on radiology news, interviews with key opinion leaders and the RSNA annual meetings. The article from the editors of Health Imaging and Radiology Business is an informative read that is definitely worth the time invested as the trends outlined and the video and further reading links shared provide valuable information for anyone interested in radiology topics.

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Transition to Cloud Computing

NHS Digital covers the benefits and steps involved in transitioning healthcare organisations to cloud computing technology in order to enhance security and increase operational efficiency. The article outlines the steps businesses can take to embrace the advantages of cloud computing, such as improved data security, scalability, and accessibility. Looking into cloud strategy, planning and creating a business case as well as outlining the three biggest barriers, this article provides helpful insights and links how organisations can migrate to the cloud.

➡️ Read the full article


Rise of Artificial Intelligence

A point-of-view article published by HealthManagement discusses four future trends in radiology and healthcare, such as the increasing use of technology in rural and remote areas and decision-making with artificial intelligence. In addition to these trends, topics such as workforce shortage, burnout, and theranostics are discussed. Want to learn more about theranostics? Hop on over to the article that is based on observations during the RSNA 2022 congress in Chicago.

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Can AI replace radiologists?

Last but not least, a question that has been around for a while is whether AI can replace radiologists in medical imaging. The British Medical Journal recently published a study where they wanted to test whether an artificial intelligence candidate could pass a rapid (radiographic) reporting test. According to their findings, AI is currently unable to pass the qualifying radiology examinations. Thus, it seems that AI technology is not yet ready to replace radiologists entirely. Still, we should be aware that AI has the potential to enhance the work of radiologists by assisting with tasks such as image analysis and interpretation. Having said that, the role of radiologists will also evolve as AI technology is advancing; and it will be important for radiologists to stay informed and adapt to new technologies.

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What do you think about these radiology topics? Will AI technology eventually replace radiologists? Or do you have any other 2023 radiology trends you would like to add? Share your thoughts via the comment section below.

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