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Digital Health: AI Specialist Incepto Announces Partnership with Remote Radiology Expert OpenRad

Paris, 27 February 2023: Incepto Medical, a provider and creator of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions applied to medical imaging, announces the signing of a strategic partnership with OpenRad, a radiology technology company, to integrate, develop and deploy an AI offering fully integrated within OpenRad’s existing enterprise remote reporting platform. This partnership aims to provide healthcare professionals with cutting-edge technologies to deliver better patient care.

A partnership to offer healthcare professionals the best services on the market Incepto Medical and OpenRad aim to become key players in Europe for the integration of AI solutions into the radiologists’ workflow. On the R&D side, this partnership reinforces the co-development efforts of both companies to provide healthcare institutions with access to artificial intelligence solutions in a secure, high performance and stable IT environment. This collaboration will also accelerate the access of OpenRad’s customers to the Incepto offer, starting in the coming weeks.

The partnership reaffirms Incepto’s desire to democratise the use of AI in radiology and to support healthcare professionals in the adoption of these disruptive solutions, transforming the way healthcare professionals work and making patient care pathways more efficient.

Antoine Jomier, CEO and co-founder of Incepto: “This partnership is a unique opportunity for Incepto. It allows us to reinforce our international ambition while helping to extend our promise to offer to the greatest number of patients in Europe the best applications of AI in the field of healthcare. Thanks to this collaboration, we are entering the UK market with OpenRad customers who will have access to our products and services.”

Dominic Kirkman, Chief Revenue Officer of OpenRad: OpenRad is delighted to partner with Incepto! This alliance enables our customers to easily access AI features within their reporting workflows. It will improve reporting accuracy and efficiency and speed up the diagnostic process—all for the patient’s sake.”


About Open Rad

Located in London and Berlin, OpenRad delivers innovative radiology solutions for static and mobile diagnostic imaging centres worldwide—amongst them hospitals, clinics, doctor’s surgeries and trailers. OpenRad aims to empower healthcare professionals and the wider research community by connecting people, technology and data. OpenRad can fully digitalise workflow processes within radiological diagnostics and across multidisciplinary teams. Its zero-footprint and SaaS based solutions speed up implementation, increase centre utilisation, provide remote access, and reduce cost of ownership.


About Incepto

Today, there are hundreds of applications in medical imaging using artificial intelligence already approved for clinical use. With 100+ clinical sites routinely using Incepto’s platform and more than a hundred thousands patient’s exams screened by AI algorithms every month, Incepto is the leading European platform for artificial intelligence solutions for all radiology specialties. Incepto has two missions: integrate AI solutions from partner AI vendors and develop AI algorithms. On one hand, it provides the full range of technical and clinical services to integrate in clinical routine AI solutions through a unified, secure and interoperable platform. On the other hand, Incepto’s scientific and medical teams are developing artificial intelligence solutions on clinical needs not currently addressed by other AI vendors. Our goal is simple: help doctors to make full use of AI technologies to save time, improve diagnosis and ultimately build together with them a more precise and human radiology for the patient.

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