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OpenRad Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Edition enables cloud-based reporting and collaborative workflows across companies.

The Enterprise Edition provides:

  • Intelligently connecting your radiologists, referrers & patients
  • Smart management of modality fleets
  • Secure remote image access & reporting workflow, including peer review
  • Operational optimisation, business scaling & rapid access to new features—based on a fully managed one-cloud solution
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OpenRad Cloud

Your all-in-one cloud-based enterprise reporting platform

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OpenRad Cube

Your mobile image management solution

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OpenRad Enterprise Edition

Our solutions ensure:

Seamless cloud-based collaboration

  • Diagnostic web-based DICOM viewing working with any web browser &  any operating system
  • Support of mobile devices
  • No end-user installations required

Managed mobile imaging

  • Device for wireless data transport from & to mobile imaging trailers & static sites
  • Tracking & automatic configuration of mobile imaging fleets

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