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OpenRad Cloud: Your enterprise reporting platform

OpenRad Cloud by Biotronics3D

OpenRad Cloud (powered by Biotronics3D) is a cloud platform providing IHE compliant integration. The all-in-one solution includes the functionality of PACS, RIS and diagnostic visualisation as distinct subscription packages from ISO27001 accredited datacentre—providing security, redundancy, reliability and scalability through onshore outsourcing.

The zero-footprint viewer delivers images in full diagnostic quality with advanced functionalities like MPR, CPR and volume rendering from any internet browser on any operating system.

The whole patient record available securely online and dynamically scalable infrastructure accommodating any number of users makes OpenRad Cloud the perfect environment for multi-disciplinary, remote-working teams to collaborate.

There are little or no end-user infrastructure costs, since the zero-footprint solution uses existing workstations and monitors. Hardly any local IT support is required anymore. The system auto-allocates studies to radiologists, automaticly de-identifies patient demographics for teleradiology.

It is built to be very secure as the images are not downloaded to local disks but reside in cloud memory and are protected by two factor authentication with image access granted on a study basis.

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OpenRad Cloud: Benefits

  • SaaS cloud computing solution for medical imaging & reporting
  • Immediate access to studies from any device connected to the internet
  • PACS, RIS & diagnostic 3D visualisation included (all-in-one solution)


OpenRad Cloud: Feature list

  • PACS
  • 3D diagnostic visualisation
  • Teleradiology
  • Enterprise worklist
  • Peer review
  • Referrer portal
  • Patient portal
  • Contract management


OpenRad Cloud (powered by Biotronics3D) has been developed for clinical applications such as Breast DCE-MRI, CT Lung, CT Vascular, CT Colonoscopy, CT Calcium Scoring, PET-CT, CT Dental and come with advanced tools for image post-processing (MPR, MIP, VR).


Speak to our team & book a demo of OpenRad Cloud now: ⇒ Fill in request form

OpenRad Cloud by Biotronics3D

OpenRad Cloud is based on the product 3Dnet manufactured by Biotronics3D:

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