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OpenRad Cube: Your mobile image management solution

OpenRad Cube by Visbion

OpenRad Cube (by Visbion) is an intelligent DICOM 3.0 routing, translation, compression and encryption device designed for mobile trailers and static centres.

The central Mobile Managed Service is a web-based fleet management solution which is specially designed to overcome the challenges associated with medical diagnostic scanners in mobile and relocatable units. It connects wirelessly to a mobile OpenRad Cube as a full end-to-end managed service to enable configuration, connectivity, monitoring and tracking of both the modality and the trailer itself. Once a new site is set up, configuration is entirely automated to allow for DMWL retrieval and image transfer including rule-based routing of DICOM images.

For static centres, the OpenRad Cube provides merging DICOM worklists from multiple requesters/referrers and manages the corresponding image transport back to the right source. Furthermore, it auto-generates appointments via given modality worklists.

OpenRad Cube:

  • Enables paperlight workflow on mobile units: No hard discs, memory sticks or paper wallet couriers needed
  • Provides real time transfer of encrypted images & worklists using 4G
  • Gives flexibility to the working day, allowing increased capacity
  • Fully managed service, including 24/7 remote monitoring & automatic reconfigurations


Managed Services | Connectivity | Configuration | Monitoring


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Download OpenRad Cube one-pager in English.Download OpenRad Cube one-pager in German.


OpenRad Cube: Benefits


  • Sending any study from anywhere to any other place
  • Automatic configuration based on location
  • Highly customisable workflow


OpenRad Cube: Features


  • Backup image transfer data centre in case of belly locker cable failure
  • Automated alerts of image transfer issues & pro-active remote support
  • Monitoring of driver behaviour, journey route & location
  • Monitoring of temperature, humidity, battery & generator status
  • Management portal displaying trailer status


OpenRad Cube

Speak to our team & book a demo of OpenRad Cube now: ⇒ Fill in request form

OpenRad Cube by Visbion

OpenRad Cube is based on the product xPACS manufactured by Visbion:

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