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Our 3 February Radiology Trends

Our 3 February picks of radiology trends illuminate the benefits of preoperative breast MRI and lockdown impacts on skin cancer survival rate. Check last month’s trending topics now.


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Lockdown delays in skin cancer diagnosis impact survival rate

A recent study cited by Health Tech World and led by researchers from UCL and the University Hospital of Basel suggests that delays in diagnosing melanoma during Covid-19 lockdown may have resulted in over 100,000 years of life lost across Europe.

It also states that the lockdown impact may have incurred costs exceeding £6bn.

The researchers emphasize that the study results underscore the crucial role of early cancer detection.

Simultaneously, they underline the significance of taking into account unintended side effects in any prospective pandemic planning.

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Radiology trend: Preoperative breast MRIs are beneficial

The practice of ordering preoperative breast MRI exams for diagnosed breast cancer patients was once a subject of controversy.

It raised questions about whether such exams improved surgical planning compared to the combination of mammography and breast ultrasound.

Additionally, concerns were raised about the potential for the findings to lead to overtreatment, particularly in opting for mastectomy when breast-conservation surgery would have been adequate.

Recent research has now provided resolution to this debate.

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Study shows that we acquire knowledge more effectively from people we like

According to Neuro Rehab Times, a recent study conducted by Lund University reveals that our brains are naturally inclined to absorb more information from individuals we hold in high regard.

Inês Bramão and colleagues designed experiments requiring participants to recall and establish connections between various objects.

The approach aimed to investigate the factors influencing our capacity to learn and draw inferences.

The study results indicated that memory integration, such as the capacity to recall and establish connections between information across learning events, was affected by the presenter’s identity.

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