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January Radiology Trends & Findings: Our 3 Picks

Our January picks on the latest radiology trends focus on robots assisting in interventional radiology as well as a study revealing that Canadians think MRI exposes them to radiation. Read more on those topics below.


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Radiology trend: Robots expanding frontiers of interventional radiology says: Previously limited to surgical applications, robots are now taking their initial strides into the realm of interventional radiology.

The devices have the potential to enhance precision in tumor targeting during needle insertion and assist less experienced radiologists in performing ablations, as demonstrated by a prominent French interventional radiologist at the Spectrum conference in Miami.

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Survey: 47% of Canadians think MRI exposes them to radiation

A survey, cited in imaging technology news, has recently unveiled new data highlighting a knowledge gap among Canadians regarding MRIs.

Despite the widespread use of this medical imaging technique, crucial for early cancer and disease detection, the survey exposes harmful misconceptions held by many Canadians that could potentially discourage them from undergoing the screening.

The misconception held by nearly half of Canadians (47%) is the belief that MRI scans expose patients to radiation.

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How to manage rising energy expenses in healthcare?

As published on the Building Better Healthcare portal, Steve Kenny, Vice President and General Manager at MK Electric, addresses the challenges posed by the rise in energy costs within the healthcare sector.

According to Kenny, ‘‘High energy costs can place serious financial strain on healthcare facilities’’. He also gives some advice how to reduce energy costs in the healthcare sector.

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