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Radiology Tech Firm OpenRad Launches Enterprise Remote Reporting Platform at RSNA

The solution called Enterprise Edition combines a domestic cloud platform with an image transfer and connectivity device to speed up the diagnostic process and reduce the impact of radiology staff shortages. 


London/Berlin, 28 November 2022: Radiology reporting specialist OpenRad announced today at the RSNA Annual Meeting the launch of its enterprise remote reporting platform, Enterprise Edition, which enables cloud-based reporting, collaborative workflows across companies and advanced mobile fleet management in one offering.

At a time when increased workload and radiologist shortages are putting a strain on the healthcare system, OpenRad Enterprise Edition allows imaging centres to fully leverage remote radiologists to speed up the diagnostic process, increase efficiency, improve patient experience, and reduce costs.

The OpenRad SaaS based platform provides a fully digital end-to-end teleradiology workflow—combining a domestic cloud platform, OpenRad Cloud (by Biotronics3D), with a DICOM 3.0 routing, translation, compression, and encryption device, OpenRad Cube (by Visbion), which includes the industry leading mobile fleet management solution. 


Blending strengths

OpenRad is able to leverage the combined, proven technologies of Biotronics3D and Visbion. OpenRad’s solutions have been implemented in more than 350 clinics and other static imaging sites as well as in 350 mobile trailers across 18 countries, including the NHS in the UK, supporting 5,000 users reporting more than 5 million reporting transactions a year.

OpenRad Enterprise Edition also offers radiologists the option to view images through their existing picture archiving communications system (PACS) via a single cloud. The solution can be easily applied to fleets of mobile scanning trailers where imaging data is seamlessly and securely fed into the PACS.

The solution is designed to help imaging centres optimise the use of equipment and reduce the impact of radiology staff shortages.


OpenRad’s Enterprise Edition provides: 

  • A fully integrated, cloud-native teleradiology collaboration platform, inclusive of RIS, PACS, VNA, workflow & worklist management, AI integrations, doctor & patient portals 
  • Smart management of modality fleets with auto-configuration of mobile modalities based on GPS data, image routing & remote monitoring  
  • Enterprise operational leverage & centralised user administration to easily scale reporting across many sites & thousands of users 
  • Rapid access to new features, including AI integrations—based on a fully managed one-cloud solution 
  • Intelligent connection of imaging centres, radiologists, referrers & patients (via DICOM worklist routing) 
  • Secure remote image access & reporting workflow, including peer review without local software or image downloads 
  • Auto-allocation of studies to radiologists & automatic de-identification of patient demographics for teleradiology 


The power of the collective

As growing imaging and remote reporting demands increase pressure on existing on-premise technology infrastructure, OpenRad’s online, collaborative approach is better for everyone in healthcare, academic, public and commercial settings, as well, most importantly, the patient.

Radiologists, referrers, imaging providers and patients are all able to access the web-based platform remotely via any device connected to the internet. This collective intelligence with AI integrations makes it easier to address complex decisions and drive innovation in disease prevention, diagnosis, and monitoring. It also features intelligent worklists, contract management, referrer and patient portals as well as peer review capability.

The OpenRad Cloud offering has minimal on-premise and end user information technology costs, since the zero-footprint solution is fully web-based and utilises existing workstations and monitors. 


Company mission

OpenRad’s mission is to revolutionise healthcare by delivering an open diagnostic network. The firm puts patient outcomes first by enabling the seamless connection and collaboration of healthcare experts, imaging providers, referrers, and their patients to speed up and enhance clinical decision-making. OpenRad envisages a healthier future for all—powered by intelligence and connectivity. 


Partnerships for optimal product utilisation

OpenRad also backs strong partnerships to refine the feature portfolio of its Enterprise Edition. The company has already partnered with various leading radiology AI vendors and integrated their solutions into the reporting platform—amongst them, contextflow and Augnito. A special clinical research data partnership has been established with market leader Medexprim.


OpenRad quotes: 

Brian Plackis Cheng, CEO, OpenRad said: “At RSNA, we are delighted to launch OpenRad Cloud and Cube for the European market and OpenRad Cube for the US market. Our comprehensive SaaS-based platform, Enterprise Edition, will increase collaboration, improve patient outcomes, and reduce costs. OpenRad Enterprise Edition will better connect healthcare professionals, imaging centres, referrers, and their patients, unlocking the full potential of medical imaging. Together with our customers and partners, we will fully deliver the cloud promise and benefits in teleradiology.”  

Thomas Hartkens, director of products, OpenRad, said: “This launch is great news for all of us, as it brings together Visbion’s intelligent image management solutions (OpenRad Cube) with Biotronics3D’s cloud-based radiology information and picture archiving expertise (OpenRad Cloud). By combining these individual products and services under the OpenRad umbrella, we are able to offer a fully digital, end-to-end workflow process. Collaborative, seamless and connected; this is the zero-footprint solution that diagnostic imaging centres urgently need.” 


About OpenRad 

Located in London and Berlin, OpenRad delivers innovative radiology solutions for static and mobile diagnostic imaging centres worldwide. OpenRad aims to empower healthcare professionals and the wider research community by connecting people, technology, and data. OpenRad can fully digitalise workflow processes within the radiological diagnostic sphere. Its zero-footprint SaaS based solutions speed up implementation, increase centre utilisation, provide remote access, and reduce cost of ownership. 

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