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How OpenRad Cloud Is Revolutionising Radiology Reporting

Mohsan Javed, Operations Manager at DMC Healthcare, explains how OpenRad Cloud (by Biotronics3D) is supporting the firm’s remote radiology team to deliver fast and accurate reporting.


📖 Author: Mohsan Javed | DMC Healthcare, UK


DMC Healthcare’s radiology reporting team has been using OpenRad Cloud (by Biotronics3D) for reporting for our clients—both in the NHS and private sector for the last two years.

Our company’s mission is to provide a fast and accurate turnaround of reporting. So, it is vital for us to use the best technology on the market.

With a network of 41 UK-based radiologists, plus 12 offshore, we need a system that is reliable and efficient. OpenRad Cloud has delivered on both counts—making it easy to capture, store, and report on patient data.


User-friendly interface

One of the biggest advantages of OpenRad Cloud is its user-friendliness. With clear labels and easy navigation, users can quickly and easily access the information they need, without extensive training. This contrasts with other systems we have used in the past, which could be slow and confusing to use.

OpenRad Cloud also allows for easy uploading of missing clinical information, referrals, and radiologists’ notes, which is essential for accurate reporting.

Radiologists can simply flag a report with significant or urgent findings, and alerts will automatically be sent to the appropriate team members via the NHS inbox. It can also create custom worklists. This streamlined process saves time and ensures that urgent cases are addressed promptly.


Fast accurate reporting

What used to take a long time on other systems, now takes only five minutes or less with OpenRad Cloud, preventing any delays in getting back to clinicians or to radiologists with any queries raised by the referrer.

This efficiency is crucial for delivering fast, accurate radiology reporting and assuring that patients receive the care they need as quickly as possible.

The system also has a feature which calculates the turnaround times from when we receive a scan to when it’s been reported. This gives us an idea of whether we’re within the agreed turnaround times for the client and helps us meet our deadlines.

They can log-in whether they’re in the clinic or at home to look at images, reports or send reports if they need to. That’s something the clinicians we’re working with have really got on board with.

OpenRad Cloud also allows us to download a PDF report to send across. The fact that we’re able to transfer all the patient details across from referral, to RIS, to machine, to computer means that we can process patients quickly. We’re not having to spend the morning populating our lists—it all happens seamlessly.


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Technical support when you need it

Another major advantage of OpenRad is that it’s easy to speak to someone from the technical support team and get any issues resolved. Training on how to use the system is also simple to arrange for new radiologists or staff members.

We’re also working towards using OpenRad Cloud’s auto-allocation feature, which allows radiologists to be automatically allocated scans based on their specialty and availability. This will help us to ensure that cases are assigned to the most appropriate radiologist and we optimise our workflow.


Helpful voice recognition technology

Having such a state-of-the-art system has enabled us to attract high-quality reporting radiologists who enjoy using the system. They particularly appreciate the built-in voice recognition tool for reporting, which means they don’t have to type everything out manually.

Overall, OpenRad has helped transform the efficiency of our radiology reporting service, so we can serve our clients better.


About the author


Mohsan Javed
Operations Manager at DMC Healthcare

Mohsan Javed works as an Operations Manager at DMC Healthcare, based in London. DMC Healthcare is a leading independent provider of consultant-led dermatology, a leading partner for radiology reporting, in-sourced routine endoscopy services and MSK community services.

Firmly rooted in the NHS and dedicated to excellent patient care for 55 years, DMC Healthcare currently works with 30+ NHS organisations and other partners—treating up to 100,000 patients each year.

With waiting list pressures, workforce shortages and unprecedented demand, DMC Healthcare is focused on solving capacity deficits with a firm eye on quality and robust clinical governance.


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