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Radiology Advancements: Our 4 May Picks

Let’s look at radiology advancements. In the world of clinical radiology, researchers are investigating the use of AI chatbots, weighing their benefits and concerns. Simultaneously, the importance of embracing diversity and inclusion to achieve health equity takes centre stage. Amidst these discussions, the NHS faces a critical cybersecurity crisis, while the radiology community contemplates the future of patient shielding. Join us as we delve into these developments with our May picks.


📖 Author: Sandra Dietrich | OpenRad team


AI chatbots in clinical radiology: Pros, cons & ethics

In a paper published in the Journal of the American College of Radiology, researchers explored the potential use of large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT in clinical radiology. They discuss the benefits and drawbacks of using AI-powered chatbots in this field, highlighting both positive considerations and negative concerns.

Positive aspects included:

Negative concerns focused on:

  • accuracy & reliability
  • transparency of how ChatGPT works & generates outputs
  • privacy & protection of patient data
  • ethical implications
  • need to ensure that AI systems complement rather than replace human expertise

The researchers emphasised the importance of responsible use and ethical considerations whilst harnessing the potential of AI technology in healthcare.

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Embracing diversity for inclusive healthcare

The article in the Vizient Newsroom discusses the need for healthcare organisations to embrace innovation and incorporate inclusion, diversity, and alternative modalities of care to achieve greater health equity. It highlights the importance of expanding practice modalities beyond traditional Western medicine, such as incorporating holistic or non-Western approaches, and updating credentialing processes to ensure safety and efficacy. The article also emphasises the significance of futuristic physical designs for hospitals, leveraging technology to improve patient safety and care experience. Additionally, it explores the role of diversity, equity, and inclusion in healthcare practices and the potential benefits of acknowledging patients’ choices and promoting equitable access to treatment modalities.

➡️ Read the full article


NHS faces escalating cyber security crisis

According to, the NHS is grappling with a worsening cyber security crisis attributed to its vast landscape and limited digital maturity. Experts highlight the prevalence of cyber threats in healthcare and advocate for reducing the number of data storage locations to enhance security. The need for a clear national cyber defence policy and tangible implementation plans is emphasised. While progress has been made, there is a call for comprehensive strategies encompassing the entire UK. Despite ongoing challenges, efforts are underway to improve cyber resilience through learning from previous attacks and adopting more robust security measures. Collaboration, preparedness, and a focus on patient safety are crucial for creating a resilient health and social care system in the face of cyber threats.

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Radiology advancements: Community debates abandoning patient shielding

As reported by Healthcare in Europe, there is a growing consensus within the field of radiology to abandon the practice of patient shielding, except in certain cases. Advancements in technology and reduced patient doses have made shielding unnecessary and outdated. In a session at ECR 2023, a medical physicist, a radiographer, and a radiologist discussed the pros and cons of eliminating patient shielding in radiology. They pointed out that patient shielding can have negative effects on image quality, diagnostic information, and patient comfort, while failing to prevent internal scatter. However, clear guidance and education are needed to inform healthcare professionals and patients about the benefits of discontinuing patient shielding.

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Are there any radiology advancements you would like to add here? Share your ideas or links to news articles via the comment section below.

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